The Ten Commandment of Comedy

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of Comedy Hardcover – January 22, 2013
by Gene Perret (Author)

Beginning comedy writers and performers may think funny can’t be taught, but legendary comedy writer Gene Perret, winner of three Emmy Awards, tells otherwise in this guide to what makes a good joke work. Outlining the 10 commandments of comedy, the unbreakable rules that every gag must follow in order to be funny, this book liberates readers and allows them to immediately begin writing better and funnier comedy material. By following Perret’s commandments, readers will better understand how to write jokes that connect with audiences and discover why unsuccessful material isn’t working and how it can be fixed. From the First Commandment (“”Thou Shalt Surprise””) to the Tenth (“”Thou Shalt Be Clever””), this work stands as a fast guide to the essentials of humor that is perfect for business presenters, after-dinner speakers, professional comedians, and anyone who wants to be funny.

Editorial Reviews
Well-written, easy-to read … if you a professional comedian, a public speaker, business presenter or anyone who wants to be funny, this volume is a must-read. –Karen Lee, Laughter RX

Gene Perret, who has written for famous comics, is here to rescue us humor-impaired writers … Perret’s book is first rate … Stated barebones, the commandments sound obvious. The treasure arrives when Perret provides explanations and examples. –Steve Weinberg, ASJA Monthly

“The Ten Commandments of Comedy” is an amazing tool that contains main rules of comedy. Read and review this book regularly. You are Luke Skywalker about to be taught by the Jedi master Yoda of comedy writing: Gene Perret. –Terry Fator, comedian, ventriloquist, Las Vegas headliner and winner of “America’s Got Talent”

“”An enticing look at what it truly takes to be funny … Sage and much-recommended advice for would-be comedians, “”The Ten Commandments of Comedy”” is a must for any writer who wants good laughs in their writing.”” –“”The Midwest Book Review””

Must reading for all comedy writers, humorists, and comedians … also invaluable to any writer or speaker who wants to infuse his skills of comedy writing. From beginning to end, “The Ten Commandments of Comedy” is a treasure trove of information. —Auggie Moore

Teaches comedy writers to become better through following “ten commandments” of superior comedy writing … Any involved in the finer art of producing comedy will find this a solid reference offering keys to what makes comedy viable. —California Bookwatch

About the Author
Gene Perret has written for many of TV’s top-rated shows, including “”All in the Family,”” “”Laugh-In,”” “”Mama’s Family,”” and “”The New Bill Cosby Show.”” He is the winner of three Emmy Awards as part of “”The Carol Burnett Show”” staff and was a producer on “”Three’s Company”” and “”Welcome Back, Kotter.”” He is the author of more than 40 books, including the bestselling “”Comedy Writing Step by Step.””

Gene Perret has been a comedy writer since the early 1960’s working for comedians such as Slappy White and Phyllis Diller. He’s been a television comedy writer and producer since 1968. Perret has earned 7 Emmy nominations, including one for original music, and 2 Writer’s Guild Award nominations. He has captured three Emmy awards and one Writer’s Guild Award as part of the Carol Burnett Show writing staff. Gene produced “Welcome Back, Kotter,” “Three’s Company,” and “The Tim Conway Show.”
Gene also worked on Bob Hope’s writing staff for 28 years, from 1969 until the comic’s retirement -many of those years as Hope’s head writer. During that time, Gene wrote for all of Bob’s personal appearances and TV Specials. traveling with the Bob Hope troupe to the war zones of Beirut, the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and on a peace time military jaunt around the world that featured stops at the Berlin Wall and in Moscow.
Besides his humorous books and how-to books on the craft of comedy, Gene teaches comedy writing through various avenues, including via e-mail. You can contact Gene through the website

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