It’s Okay To Laugh Seriously


It’s Okay To Laugh Seriously Hardcover – September 1, 2015 by Gitty Stolik (Author)

The world needs more simchah. We can become more joyous and we must. Still, is it possible? We re barely able to keep our heads above water! Can we (not only maintain, but) actually increase our simchah amidst life s swirling challenges? The answer is a resounding Yes! We can become happier by inviting humor and its coconspirator, laughter into our lives! Laughter and humor are the twin engines that keep joy aloft. Humor and laughter work. Let s laugh together and learn to make our lives, and the world, more joyous.


Unfortunately, life is replete with problems. “It’s Okay to Laugh” provides us with the means to overcome these hurdles and proceed to make our lives productive and even enjoyable. –Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

A witty, refreshing and highly appealing case for more humor in our day-today existence, It s Okay to Laugh is both an academic treatise and a layman’s manual, spilling over with gentle wisdom and mind-tickling witticisms. Highly intelligent and lots of fun. –Yitta Halberstam, Co-author of the Small Miracles series

About the Author

Gitty Stolik writes on Jewish thought and lore for a variety of Jewish publications. She is also the editor of Our Vogue, a publication with insights on the values of modesty for women and girls. When she is not writing about joy and other topics, Mrs. Stolik applies the magic of joy and positivity to the field of education, and speaks on a variety of inspirational topics. She has been humorously dubbed the Lemonade Therapist for her special dose of perspective flip-overs.

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I finished this book and savored every page like a gourmet spiritual meal

ByAnonymouson March 7, 2016

Format: Hardcover

I finished this book and savored every page like a gourmet spiritual meal. I have always loved to laugh and now I know why! There is so much wisdom and knowledge inside, it is practically a reference book.

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