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How To Be A Working Comic
Dave Schwensen

Hiring a comedy writer
June 3, 2014

Hello Dave – Here’s a question: You advise us to get writing or keep writing. How do you feel about hiring a pro writer? And how would I go about it? I am a writer and I’d have to admit demand for my services has crashed in recent years. Although I’m writing for a major TV ventriloquist and for an instantly recognizable female comic, I’d struggle if I had to make a living. And I write for my comedian son, but that pays about as well as you’d think.

Gag for you: There’s an old tradition in show business, but I prefer girls. Your pal – CA

Hey CA – I see three parts in your question:

Hiring someone to write for you.
Being hired as a comedy writer.
Trying to sell me a gag.

Okay, the third one is my effort at being funny. I’ll use it (just did!) and follow another old showbiz tradition by promising that a check is in the mail – ha!

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