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The Ultimate Audition Book, Volume 4: 222 Comedy Monologues, 2 Minutes & Under (Monologue Audition)
by John Capecci (Goodreads Author) (Co-Editor), Irene Ziegler (Goodreads Author) (Co-Editor), Irene Ziegler Aston

PThe Hottest Collection of Comedy Monologues Available! brbrIf you’ve ever searched for a good comic monologue – whether for a professional audition, a class, or a competition – you know how frustrating the hunt can be brbrEditors Irene Ziegler John Capecci have combed over some of the world’s best comic writing to bring you 222 Comic Monologues at Two Minutes and Under brbrIt’s all funny stuff here – classic and contemporary works; roles for men and women ages 7 to 100 brbrYou’ll find entertaining pieces from writers as varied as Christopher Durang and Langston Hughes, Dorothy Parker and Steve Martin, Margaret Cho and Moliere brbrYou’ll also find shades of comedy from light to dark – situational humor, word play, absurdity, and surrealism brbrThese monologues are alternately romantic, silly, militant, downright zany-first-rate character work by both new and established comic writers.

John Capecci, Ph.D., is a communication trainer with over twenty years’ experience coaching, teaching, and delivering public presentations and communication training programs, as well as providing creative and professional writing services to a wide range of clients.

With a background in communication theory, performance, and literature, John is co-editor (with Irene Ziegler) of a best-selling series of monologue anthologies for actors and students, and co-author (with Tim Cage) of “Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference.” He has published essays on the use of personal narratives for education and advocacy (most notably in the areas of HIV education and heart disease), presentation skills training, narrative technique, and popular culture.

John has developed and conducted custom training programs for health professionals and advocates, educators, spokespersons, senior executives, artists and museum professionals, designers, non-profit leadership, and marketing/pr agencies. His home base for his consultancy, writing, and training work is Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Paperback, 313 pages
Published May 30th 2005 by Smith & Kraus
original title
The Ultimate Audition Book: 222 Comedy Monologues, 2 Minutes And Under Vol. 4 (Monologue Audition Series)
ISBN 1575254204 (ISBN13: 9781575254203)
edition language English

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