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Satiristas: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians 
by Paul Provenza, Dan Dion, Tanner Colby

In this manifesto on satire, the authors examine the nature of humor, its relevance in society, and why sometimes an off-color joke is just what’s needed to get people’s attention

Its better than I thought it could be …………… 30 July 2010
By Bill McPherson

I was given this book as a present from a friend I respect…………… and it is better than I thought it could be.
I have now sent two copies to other friends and am waiting for their praise !
If you like comedy with bite and see comedy and comedians as a force for good……. keeping the corporations and government in check ………….. this is the book.

Bill (in Australia)

This book for anyone who loves comedy 31 Jan 2011
By Paul Boross – The Pitch Doctor

This is a remarkable book full of insight into the quirky, quicksilver minds of some of the world’s best comedians, along with thought-provoking arguments as to why comedy is vital to the health and moral hygiene of any democracy.

Cultured and delightfully contrary stand-up Paul Provenza’s front-line understanding of the comedian’s craft gives his words weight as he draws the reader into the dangerous world of comedy’s elite satirists. Meanwhile, the delicate and revealing portraits of Dan Dion, photographer to the stars, breathe life into Provenza’s subjects. The narrative treads lightly across the political tightrope to explain why comedy dissent and agitprop are essential to any civilised society. The result is delicious mix of wit, words and wisdom.

This book is for anyone who loves comedy, who wants to understand how great comedians think and who believes that laughter is a force for good. But the ultimate test of any book on comedy is whether it makes you laugh. Having read my own bodyweight in books on humour– and had remarkably few laughs in the process — I can confidently say that Satisristas! is the funniest, and probably the best, book on comedy that I’ve ever read.

This book should be compulsory reading for every politician. The prospect of being publicly mauled by these lethal Satiristas, with their raptor instincts and razor intellects, would surely be enough to keep even the most feeble-witted politician on the straight and narrow.

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