The Mammoth Book of Filthy Limericks Glyn


The Mammoth Book of Filthy Limericks
Glyn Rees

The biggest, best ever collection of filthy limericks.
The ultimate collection of X-rated and decidedly politically incorrect limericks!

This bumper new volume contains over 2,000 dirty verses, from the moderately blue to the absolutely filthy – all illustrated throughout by Gray Jolliffe, creator of the bestselling Wicked Willie cartoon character.

Here are verses so rude that even a blonde would blush, on subjects ranging from the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond. You’ll find plenty of up-to-date limericks relevant to contemporary life as well as lewd old favourites on every imaginable topic, all of them guaranteed to make you laugh. Includes many newly devised limericks.

On the breast of a barmaid named Gail
Was written the price of the ale
And on her behind,
For the sake of the blind
Was the same information in Braille.

B format, 480 pp
Published 29th Oct 2009
ISBN: 9781845296827
Markets: World ex USA

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