Laughter is Better Than Communism


Laughter is Better Than Communism Paperback – May 8, 2014 by Andrew Heaton (Author)

A political satire collection of funny articles and cartoons about American democracy from a libertarian perspective. Learn about inland whaling laws, Zeppelin subsidies, the effects of lesbianism on cyclones, and economics explained by cavemen and robots.


Andrew Heaton is a standup comedian, writer, and political satirist. As an observational comic he’s performed throughout the United States, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in Germany and Australia. He’s a member of the New York Friar’s Club, one of the most prestigious groups of comedians and entertainers in the country. As a political comic he’s performed for numerous think tanks and advocacy groups, as well as in Washington DC’s Pardon the Pundit political comedy troupe and Electoral Dysfunction at the People’s Improv Theater. The World Comedy Club named him “NYC’s Greatest New Comedian” in 2013.

He is the host of Mostly Weekly, a comedy news show on PitTV, lauded as “a folksy Craigslist version of John Oliver.” His political satire book, Laughter is Better than Communism, drew heavily from his time working for the United States Congress. In 2012 Prince Leonard of Hutt River appointed Heaton as his personal diplomatic representative in New York.

He is originally from Oklahoma, and loves science fiction, dogs, Broadway musicals, and fine whisky.

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Made me laugh *and* made me think

ByNorman Maynardon May 12, 2014

Format: Paperback

Andrew Heaton’s dry, matter-of-fact sense of humor comes through both the text and (intentionally) bad cartoons. Each chapter offers Heaton’s comedic perspective on an important political or social topic. Although Heaton is first and foremost a comedian, he also aims to educate, leading to a style reminiscent of The Daily Show with John Stewart, but with a more libertarian flair.

These days politics takes itself far too seriously. Books like Laughter is Better than Communism (or its original iteration, From the Monkey Cage: Fixing Politics Through Wit & Cartoons) bring a welcome bit of levity to an otherwise dour topic. Highly recommended.


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