Laugh & Learn Humour Vol.12

laugh n learn

Laugh & Learn Humour,
Volume 12
by George Ong
ISBN: 9789810566449
Price: SGD14.90 (w/o GST)

Laugh & Learn Humour contains 200 pages of jokes on Problem Solving, Mind, Optimism & Pessimism, Laughter, Books & Reading, Decision, Perspective, Fear, Advice, Work, Dream, Laziness, Conflict, Worry, Temptation, Anger, Change, Success, Character, Excellence, Humorous Speech, Gossip, Friendship, Mistake & Teamwork. It’s one thing to enjoy the humour and just have a good laugh; it’s quite another to learn life’s precious lessons from them. So, read on not just to be entertained by the hilarious humour but also to be enlightened by the lessons learnt.

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