Humor in the Classroom


Humor in the Classroom: A Guide for Language Teachers and Educational Researchers by Nancy Bell (Author), Anne Pomerantz (Author)

Humor in the Classroom provides practical, research-based answers to questions that educational researchers and language teachers might have about the social and cognitive benefits that humor and language play afford in classroom discourse and additional language learning. The book considers the ways in which humor, language play, and creativity can construct new possibilities for classroom identity, critique prevailing norms, and reconfigure particular relations of power. Humor in the Classroom encourages educational researchers and language teachers to take a fresh look at the workings of humor in today’s linguistically diverse classrooms and makes the argument for its role in building a stronger foundation for studies of classroom discourse, theories of additional language development, and approaches to language pedagogy.

About the Author

Nancy D. Bell is an associate professor at Washington State University.

Anne Pomerantz is a senior lecturer in educational linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education.

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I would recommend it for both ESL and FL teachers who want ...

ByErin M. Halmon February 12, 2016

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This book is full of theoretical and practical examples of how humor can be used successfully in the foreign language classroom. I would recommend it for both ESL and FL teachers who want to use humor to create a relaxed and cooperative community within their classroom to enhance the language learning experience.

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