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Cartoons & Illustrations
By Graham Sale

A collection of 300 of Graham’s cartoons and illustrations spanning thirty years including some his favorites never seen before in print. This special Collector’s Edition includes 60 color versions of his cartoons Plus Bonus Material: See step-by-step how an idea becomes a finished cartoon and much more! To see more visit: www.grahamsale.com.

What People Are Saying:

“Graham Sale’s cartoons are crispy, pithy, surprising, elegant, tasty, sophisticated, stylish, clever, beautiful, provocative, pertinent, outrageous, timely, perceptive, revolutionary, and above all, absolutely hilarious!”
– Randall Enos, Famous, illustrator & embellisher of printed works.

“Graham’s cartoons and wit make me grin, wince, groan and giggle. I’m never sure what to expect from his twisted, sardonic mind except coffee-spitting entertainment. Sure, he has light moments, but it’s his down and dirty satire that keeps me coming back for more!”
– Sandee Beyerle, Managing Editor, Funny Times

“Graham’s cartoons are wonderfully inventive, and he shares his world with us in so many different ways. He can be wacky, clever and often poetic. Something for everyone!”
– Liza Donnelly, Staff cartoonist, New Yorker Magazine

Product Details
Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Little Black Book Press (November 17, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0967286573
ISBN-13: 978-0967286570
Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 6 x 0.5 inches

Editorial Reviews
About the Author
Graham Sale is a prolific artist, writer, and author best known for his cartoons and humorous illustrations that have appeared in advertisements, newspapers, books, on greeting cards, clothing and licensed products world-wide.

He created daily political cartoons for the Commercial Appeal, the most influential newspaper in the mid-south, which also featured his acclaimed series, MEN In Hats. *Look for his Men In Hats book.

His clients have included: The NY Times, NY Newsday, Funny Times, AT&T, Prudential, Allstate, Adweek, NY Magazine, Club Med, Absolut, Citibank, Forbes, Money, various publishers, and fortune 500 companies.

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