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Engaging Humor (Paperback)
By: Elliott Oring (Author)

Short Desription
Elliott Oring asks essential questions concerning humorous expression in contemporary society, examining how humor works, why it is employed, and what its messages might be. This provocative book is filled with examples of jokes and riddles that reveal humor to be a meaningful–even significant–form of expression. Oring provides alternate ways of thinking about humorous expressions by examining their contexts–not just their contents. Engaging Humor demonstrates that when analyzed contextually and comparatively, humorous expressions emerge as communications that are startling, intriguing, and profound.

Product Description
Category:  Books  »  Literary Criticism  »  Humor
Format: Paperback   Learn more about the Paperback format using Tower WIKI.
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN: 0252075935
WAPI (Tower ID): 112083895
Release Date: August 8, 2008

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