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Be an Entertaining Speaker: The Self-Help Guide to Being Interesting, Effective and Funny
by Ray Lowry

Do you envy speakers who are entertaining? Have you noticed they are admired, sought-after and successful? But are you daunted by the challenge of becoming an entertaining speaker? Perhaps you want to improve but don’t know how or don’t know where to turn. This could be the book for you. The author, Dr Ray Lowry, has enjoyed a successful career as an academic, public health doctor and dentist and made a name for himself as an entertaining speaker (not surprising as he started life as a comedy writer and performer). He developed coaching to help colleagues become competent, engaging and entertaining speakers. This book crystallises these techniques and will help business people, academics, teachers and amateur speech-makers (even budding stand-up comics) develop their platform skills.

As Ray says: “I wish there had been someone like me or the service I offer when I was starting out. I used to envy speakers who were entertaining. And I noticed they were admired, sought-after and successful. But I was daunted by the challenge; terrified sometimes. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. So I set out to find the secrets and see if I could become an entertaining speaker. And I did, as my engagement’s diary now shows. I am in demand at conferences, at business meetings, as an after-dinner speaker (and I even do pure stand-up comedy from time to time).

Now I’ve written the book that can help others master the techniques. Before you start becoming an entertaining speaker, you need to be a competent one. So this book contains a lot of detail about that – what it takes to be competent as a presenter even before you stretch yourself in the direction of entertainment. So please don’t skip the detail, even though much of it may be old hat to many of you. And by improving your competence as a speaker you will become more entertaining anyway. Competence and entertainment go hand-in-hand in the public speaking business because the customers (your audience) expect it.

But who am I to teach you how to become an entertaining speaker?

Firstly, I have writing credentials. I have written professional comedy for radio and television and for newspapers and magazines . I have published over 50 straight articles in peer-review professional journals. I also have performing experience. I have appeared on television and radio (straight and comedy) as a chat-show host, interviewer, anchor and presenter. On stage I have done professional and amateur stand-up comedy, revue, pantomime and straight plays. I have spent many years on the professional platform at conferences, in the classroom and in seminars and workshops.

My teaching/coaching skills have been refined over the years. I was training programme director for public health in the Northern Health Region for three years (using innovative coaching methods to improve the writing and performance skills of trainees and trainers). My methods feature interactive learning and coaching using actors and audio-visual facilities. I was a senior lecturer at a university for many years teaching, tutoring and mentoring undergraduates and postgraduates and I’m an experienced researcher.”

Being an entertaining speaker takes you to a higher plane as a presenter. You can expect to rise above the crowd, to stand out from your colleagues and competitors, and to get many advantages. But it doesn’t come easy. It takes work and there are risks. Others may be jealous, you will have to step outside your comfort zone (for example learn new things, be less inhibited, seek out help and support) and you will certainly take risks.

This book can help you
• entertain guests at parties or dinners;
• inject some humour into your speeches or presentations;
• interest your customers;
• break into the public speaking business; or
• try your hand at stand-up comedy.

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