What Can Chief Executives Learn From Stand-up Comedians ?

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What Can Chief Executives Learn From Stand-up Comedians?: Fifty essential skills top performers perfect and you can learn Paperback – January 19, 2009
by Roger Edward Jones (Author)

Roger Edward Jones, one of Europe’s foremost leadership experts, theorized that business executives could glean more than humor from the best stand-up comics. What better way to test this premise than to give it a try? And so he did, at one of London’s comedy clubs, and came away with his ego intact and the platform for What Can Chief Executives Learn From Stand-up Comedians?—a straightforward and highly practical approach to optimum management performance. In a book that juxtaposes a comic’s tools-of-the-trade manifesto with the qualities needed to be a highly effective and goals-oriented leader and communicator, Jones covers such diverse objectives as preparation, brevity, originality, the use of personal vignettes, and the importance of candor. And, of course, the key to comedy and top management, which is timing. Praise includes: “Shareholders’ meeting or first night audience? Roger Edward Jones identifies ways to make an instant impact when the spotlight falls on your business.” Richard Donkin, Financial Times columnist and author of Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Evolution of Work “An imaginative and insightful approach to become a more effective leader.” Jim Henderson,President and CEO, Apriso “A book that will only take you a short time to read but will pay dividends throughout your career.” Dean Frew, President and CEO of Xterprise “A highly creative approach to leadership development. A must read book for any aspiring CEO.” Amar Singh, President and CEO of Amitive Inc

From the Author

Roger E Jones is Europe’s leading business storytelling coach. His work has been featured by the BBC, The Sunday Times, Forbes and the Financial Times

Better each time through…
By Roger Turnham on February 8, 2009
Format: Paperback
This book is a great read for the busy executive. It immediately gets to the heart of the matter by taking the attributes of successful comedians and applying the principles to leadership. The beauty of the book is in its brevity and simplicity. Each of the 50 points are followed by a rhetorical question. To read this book once will give you a few chuckles with little gain. My recommendation, however, is to read it once for the general ideas, then go throught the book once again and grade yourself on each of the 50 attributes. Answer the questions and honestly grade yourself: “How am I doing with this?”

Third, go through those areas again where you rated poorly, focus on them and develop an action plan for what you will do in your next presentation / meeting / motivational talk with customers, peers or employees that is different than in the past. Bottom line: In about 25 minutes you can read this book. The power comes from the 3rd step above — which can all be completed in about 2 hours.

Very effective use of humor and common sense.

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