Translation, Humour and Literature


Translation, Humour and Literature
Translation and Humour Volume 1
Editor(s): Delia Chiaro

About Translation, Humour and Literature
Translation studies and humour studies are disciplines that have been long-established but seldom looked at in conjunction. This volume uses literature as the common ground and examines issues of translating humour within a range of different literary traditions. It begins with an analysis of humour and translation in every day life, including jokes and cross-cultural humour, and then moves on to looking at humour and translation in literature through the ages.

Despite growing interest and a history of collaborative study, there has been little translation studies scholarship published in this area. This collection features a comprehensive introduction by the editor, which covers strategies and techniques for translating humour as well as the pragmatics involved. The book will appeal to scholars and postgraduates in translation and interpreting studies and humour studies

Table of contents
1. Translation and Humour, Humour and Translation Delia Chiaro
Part I. Translating Humour in Society
2. Linguistic Factors in Humour Graeme Ritchie
3. Translating English into English in Jokes and Humour Christie Davies
Part II. Translating Humour in Antiquity
4. Translating Aristophanes into English Michael Ewans
5. Translating Greece to Rome: Humour and the Re-Invention of Popular Culture I. A. Ruffell
Part III. Translating the Humour of the Great Literary Tradition
6. Rewriting the French Tradition: Boccaccio and the Making of the Novella Charmaine Lee
7. Translating Humour For Performance: Two Hard Cases from Inoue Hisashi’s Play, Yabuhara Kengyo Marguerite Wells
8. The Laughing Word of James Joyce Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli and Samuel P. Whitsitt
9. Translating Humphry Clinker’s Verbal Humour Marta Mateo
10. Language-Based Humour and the Untranslatable: The Case of Ziad Rahbani’s Theatre Nada Elzeer
Part IV. Coda
11. Tripartite: Cross-Talk Acts Walter Redfern

Product Details

Published: 05-07-2012
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 256
ISBN: 9781441101143
Imprint: Continuum
Series: Continuum Advances in Translation
Dimensions: 6 1/8″ x 9 1/4″

“This book significantly advances both translation studies and humour scholarship. Delia Chiaro has assembled a unique array of experts to reflect on the challenges of translating humour. Volume one is replete with examples and practical advice from masterly translators but it is also that rare thing – a scholarly book about humour that is itself humorous. It instructs while it entertains. From Michael Ewans’ recapturing of Aristophanic satire’s original shock-value and Marguerite Wells’ lively account of matching the Japanese tally of 27 synonyms for “prostitute”, to the insights afforded by Christie Davies’ “translations” of Scottish religious jokes into other varieties of English and Walter Redfern’s self-discoveries in the process of creating French and Spanish versions of a poem to his father, this book illuminates both the nature of translation and of humour. The second volume will be eagerly awaited.” – Jessica Milner Davis, Honorary Associate, School of Letters, Art and Media, University of Sydney, Australia,

“… demonstrates how pervasive humour is in everyday life and how important its translation has always been in different literary traditions… Chiaro, a renowned scholar in humour translation, edits this volume and in the introduction, she provides an overview of the book but also offers some insights into humour and translation.” – Applied Linguistics, vol 33, no 4, September 2012

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