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The Laughing Cure: Emotional and Physical Healing—A Comedian Reveals Why Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine Hardcover – May 3, 2016
by Brian King (Author)

Dr. Brian King is a psychologist and stand-up comedian whose humor therapy seminars are attended by more than ten thousand people each year. In The Laughing Cure, King combines wit with medical research to reveal the benefits of laughter and humor on physical and emotional health.

King’s language is humorous and uplifting, and his advice is backed by science. Studies featured in The Laughing Cure show how laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, increases muscle flexion, boosts immune systems, and triggers endorphins. They show how laughter relieves depression, and even makes us more productive, loving, and kind.

The tips and techniques featured inside can be used for current conditions and as preventative medicine. Through humor and science King explains why much–talked-about but little-understood methods of therapy such as laughter yoga actually work and how we can better incorporate humor into our lives.

Very few doctors have the ability to heal the way that King does; his method is cheap, easy, and chemical-free. Even fun! This wonderful, transformative, and provocative read shows how—and why—laughter saves lives.

Editorial Reviews
“Brian has been unaffected by stress since I met him when he was five. I think he tapped into how to manage stress and live on his own terms at an early age. Forty years later, the only difference is that he has a driver’s license and scruff. He’s one of the happiest people I know, and he’s pretty good at explaining how easy it is to be happy as well. Life is beautiful and funny; embrace it.” —Jon King, author’s brother

“Dr. Brian knows what makes people laugh and knows exactly why it’s good for them. He doesn’t use any of that on stage, but he knows a lot of stuff.” —Phil Johnson, comedian

“Funny. Smart. And extremely good looking. Well, no. But two out of three ain’t bad.” —Will Durst, comedian

“Finally! A professional who conveys practical truth with clarity and engaging humor. Do you want to be happy regardless of your circumstances? Get this book!” —Jane Norberg, registered nurse

“Dr. Brian King is the kind of friend whose presence and jubilant outlook can bring a smile, laugh, and lasting memories to anyone. What’s his secret? I’m going with his hat.” —Erik Escobar, comedian

“Whether performing stand-up or contributing to the planet’s knowledge of Bloody Marys, King is dedicated to making people laugh from coast to coast. Life got you down? Spend an hour with Brian King.” —Scotch Wichmann, author of Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss And Do Things With Him.

About the Author
Dr. Brian King is an acclaimed comic and public speaker who travels the world as a performer and an instructor, giving seminars to more than ten thousand people each year on the health benefits of humor. King was the founder and producer of the highly reviewed Wharf Room Comedy show in San Francisco; has worked with such talents as Will Durst, Rick Shapiro, Mo Mandel, Laurie Kilmartin, and Steven Pearl; and produces the annual Bay Area comedy competition Walk the Plank. Today King spends much of his time on tour, but is based in Los Angeles, California.

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Happy and healthy
By Denise Mastenbrook on May 10, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I was first introduced to Dr. Brian King through his seminars. The first being about will power and habits, the biggest note I took during that first seminar was “This guy is funny. Recommend him.” And I have. And I am again.

Reading this book is much like sitting in on one of his seminars about happiness. The tone is conversational. He breaks down the brain science in to small bites that are not overwhelming to the average Joe or Jill. He also made me laugh out loud reading the book. Not the fake lol, but an actual the person sitting next to me in the coffee shop is staring laugh out loud.

I believe being happy is a choice we get to make. I am glad to read a book that reinforces that choice and gives me a list of the benefits of making that choice. Good health and good laughs. What could be better?

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