The Fun Factor


The Fun Factor: Your Prescription for Stress Relief at Work and at Home Paperback – August 1, 2005 by Cheryl Nason (Author)

According to Fred Pescatore, M. D. The Fun Factor is the magic bullet helping to heal America!

-Are you stressed about your job or home life?
-Have you stopped loving your job?
-Do you hate getting up in the morning and going to work? The Fun Factor will help you decrease the level of stress in your life, increase job productivity and satisfaction, and increase your moral and those around you. This book is not a joke book, but is a joy to read. It contains pages and pages of real life examples and ideas to bring fun and laughter into your everyday living.

The book covers:
-The history of humor
-How humor can improve health and healing
-The etiquette of using humor at work
-Real life examples of people already using humor
-100’s of wise and inspirational quotes
-Exercises to help get your creative juices flowing
-For Nurses and Social Workers, 3 Continuing Education Credits are available
-and much much more But most importantly, The Fun Factor can help you increase the quality of your life, by SHOWING you how to bring fun and laughter into your everyday life.

Editorial Reviews


“…TFF can make you a better manager, doctor, lawyer, best friend, mom, person. I am because of it.” –Fred Pescatore, M.D. author The Hamptons Diet

“…helps us all do a better job of communication, regardless of our situation. The message…do it with a Smile.” –R. G. Alexander, DDS, MSD author The Alexander Discipline

“…humor is a distinct and profound means of healing, energizing and expressing oneself.” –James Robbins, M.A. author Build a Better Budda

About the Author

Cheryl Nason’s philosophy is to focus on people. She has given keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops for groups of 20-3000. Not only is she a master communicator, but her sessions also provide skills valuable in both work and personal life. A social researcher with a Masters degree in Education, Cheryl brings a unique blend of experience to her work. Her programs consistently receive top marks. Her experience has prepared her to deliver high quality, dynamic presentations suitable for a diverse population of individuals. After two decades as a speaker and trainer, she has discovered that many people buy a book or attend a seminar but do nothing with the material after they return to their work environment. Cheryl utilizes numerous interactive techniques to ensure transfer of learning by the individual back to their job. Cheryl accomplishes her training with a fun-while-learning style. Currently, she is the host of a cable talk show for Comcast Cable in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Metroplex Today. She interviews people from all walks of life including authors, celebrities and sports figures. With more than twenty years experience as a TV personality, Cheryl shares communication techniques she uses on the set in her workshops and in her education materials. As a master communicator, Cheryl strives to empower people to understand they already have the tools they need to make a difference in their lives.

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Fun Factor Targets Stress

ByMary K. Mulkayon January 18, 2006

As a Registered Nurse who has dealt with a stressful career for 43 years, I found this book to be a wealth of information and practical solutions. Ms. Nason provides an insightful history of humor and its relationship to our professional and personal lives. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 8 which is entitled “Brain Aerobics”……where practical solutions are presented on stimulating one’s brain….which I am hopeful will keep my brain active and alert as I focus on life as a senior citizen. One plus for professionals is the post-test provided….for which continuing education credits are granted. While this book is not a large one in size, it more than makes up for it in richness of content…..should be in every nurse’s library!

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