The Best Political Cartoons of the Yer, 2006

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The Best Political Cartoons of the Year 2007 Edition Paperback – December 8, 2006
by Daryl Cagle (Author), Brian Fairrington (Author)

Political cartoons convey ideas with a power and impact that could never be achieved with words; they tell our history as it is shouted from newspaper editorial pages, recording our feelings as America responds to the news of the day. Political cartoons have an impressive history from Ben Franklin’s cartoons through hundreds of years and scores of Pulitzer Prize winners who have made our nation laugh and cry. Political cartoons have legions of fans from news wonks to Social Studies teachers throughout the country, as political cartoons are required curriculum in every state. Our books are a visual history like no other and are the premier journal of record for a great American art-form. The topics in this book include the major news stories of the year, with an emphasis on the topics that are most popular on Daryl’s Web site. The chapters include topics such as: Gas Prices, Immigration Debate, Da Vinci Code, War in Iraq, Iran Nukes, Milosevic Dies, DeLay Steps Down, FEMA Follies and much more.

Foreword by Dick Morris
Humor has always been a leavening agent in politics, making harsh and partisan commentary into funny and pithy satire. But in today’s politics, humor is the sole remaining connection between civilized dialogue and the venom our politicians spew at one another.

So the collected cartoons Cagle has assembled are really the only safe way to take your dose of politics. If you take partisanship straight, it could prove hazardous to your health, but with a side of humor, it won’t be so bad for you.

Some people will say that satire is redundant, given the ludicrous conduct of our elected officials. They have a point. But Cagle reaches deep down into their souls and finds something funny about them. For this, he deserves a Nobel Prize. But as there is none for humor, your buying this book will suffice.

About the Author
Daryl Cagle is the daily editorial cartoonist for and is the world’s most widely syndicated and reprinted newspaper cartoonist with over 800 subscribing newspapers. Close to three million unique users visit Daryl’s site ( each month, making it the most popular cartoon site. It is also the most widely used education site in Social Studies classrooms around the world.

Brian Fairrington is one of the most accomplished young cartoonists in the country. Brian has racked up a slew of awards including the John Locher Memorial Award as Best College Editorial Cartoonist of the Year and the Charles Schulz Award as Best College Cartoonist of the Year.

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