Roughing It

Roughing It: An Improvised Comedy (DVD)
Director: Peter Gilroy
Starring: Jacob Wysocki, Peter Gilroy
Runtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes

In real life there are no main characters… In real life there are no lines… In real life there is no script.

Product Details
Genres: Comedy
Director: Peter Gilroy
Starring: Jacob Wysocki, Peter Gilroy
Supporting actors: Kurt Maloney, Catherine Combs, Tyler Phillips, Scott Brazee, Tyler Holtman, Sean Kang, Ashlee Abernethy, Johnny Chang, Alexander Faciane, Em Hantke, Josh Kupanoff, Brock McKenzie, Mike McNeal, Tyler Prado, Michael Santell, Kellie Whisler
Studio: CreateSpace
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
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Format: Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

A Charming and Unique Movie
By J. Whisler on March 27, 2010
Format: DVD
When the concept of Roughing it is first explained, it is somewhat puzzling. A movie without main characters is one thing, but for a movie to lack an entire script is a far greater challenge. To collaborate a sound, original story that is merely half an hour long is a feat in itself, but the cast of Roughing It manages a full length feature that is delightful to watch. These talented improvisers have truly been trained in their art- Roughing It is very charming, and- to put it bluntly- just plain funny.

The movie revolves not around a specific character’s journey, but ties in many characters stories to create an intricately weaved plot. What the movie is about, essentially, is the experiences of distinct groups and how they interact with one another in the wilderness. The fraternity boys, come to bury their deceased frat brother, Interact with the girl tricked into camping with a “bad boy” and her would-be rescuer, who is being tracked by a team of sasquatch hunters that mistake him for bigfoot, but instead find a lost boy scout and scoutmaster. Each group has a distinct vibe that plays so well off the energy of the other groups that even the most zany characters seem grounded in reality.

Roughing It excels in encompassing all types of humor so that each audience member has something they can relate to.

Whether you’re into the wit of Scoutmaster Brazee (Scott Brazee) or the In-your-face Jacob (Jacob Wysocki), the movie has something that will draw a laugh from everyone. Roughing It allows each cast member to bring a unique style of comedy that reveals the actor or actress on a more personal level than theatergoers are used to. You begin to realize that the character is an exaggerated version of the actor. Because of this, the film is given a life that many other amateur films lack.

In short, Roughing it is great. It is funny and lighthearted, and though it is not a good movie for small children to watch due to sexual themes and drug reference, it is a movie that will delight mature audiences.

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