Perak Darul Kartun


Perak Darul Kartun
by Zunar

If we could only laugh out loud, even if it is just at ourselves, for a while, I believe this world would be a better place.

For that reason I suggest you go out and buy any copies of this satire comic by Zunar.

I have not laughed this way for a long while. True, many of the stuff contained within were unabashedly partisan. Perhaps that is why they got raided by the friendly folks from the Home Ministry. But it is funny. Funny in ways words alone cannot convey. Reminds me of the Gila Gila magazine in  the 80s, before they got politically correct.

Beneath the laughter though, lies the sobering realisation of just how much is wrong with this country. Check inside. Among the guests include Farish Noor and A.Samad Said.

Way to go Zunar!

Glad to know some people’s sense of humour is still intact.

Hik Hik Hik!

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