You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh: No Fluff. No Theories. 35 Humor Techniques that Work for Everyday Conversations


Gregory Peart

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Aurelius Books

You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh carefully examines the art, nuance, and mechanics of wit and humor.

What if you could be much funnier and more likable than you are today? What if you could finally be that person in your group of friends delivering the funny lines and telling the funny stories? For the first time, conversational humor has been dissected like never before.

Gregory offers step-by-step guidelines on what to say and how to say it. You won’t find theories or fluff here. Instead, you’ll discover actionable techniques and strategies to dramatically improve your sense of humor and ability to be funny.

With more than 250 real-life specific examples, you’ll learn how to apply each technique to your own conversations.

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