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MAD Spoofs Star Wars and other SCI-FI

A family tradition that started a few years back following the resurgence of films in the Star Wars franchise is to get everyone together during the Holiday weekend to see the latest release. This year was no different as we were able to watch The Last Jedi. But for those who still plan on going out to see it but haven’t had the opportunity yet, many of us would like to respect “the bubble” and avoid any spoilery comments.

So, what are Star Wars fans left to talk about until our fellow fans get caught up? How about a little fandom silliness? Indeed! The folks over at Mad Magazine have compiled an assortment of classic pieces in the Special Collector’s Edition 2017 MAD Spoofs Star Wars and other SCI-FI.

Though the publication often focuses on contemporary political humor, an easy target in today’s volatile climate, this issue is a refreshing change of pace with some entertaining articles poking fun at a handful of our favorite movies and television shows. Relying on some of their classic caricature artistry and whimsical humor that has driven MAD for decades, the selected pieces are as memorable as they are cringe worthy. With unforgettable material spanning nearly forty years, there’s plenty for fuzzballs of all ages to laugh it up and enjoy.

MAD big screen satires includes:

Star Blech II – The Wreck of Korn (Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan) from MAD #236, January 1983

Alien Resuscitated (Alien Resurrection) from MAD #368 April 1988

A Faketrix (The Matrix) from MAD #384, August 1999

Planet of the Remakes (Planet of the Apes) from MAD #411, November 2001

Interminable 3 – Rise of the Bad Scenes (Terminator 3) from MAD #432, August 2003

Star Bores: The Snores Awakens (The Force Awakens) from MAD #539, June 2016

Rough One – A Star Bores Snorer (Rogue One) from MAD #545, June 2017

This Special Collector’s Edition offers a lot to talk about without spoiling anything that may still be in the theaters. With any luck, the writers at MAD are already shredding The Last Jedi for a future issue because we all know the spoilery bubble will soon burst. I can’t wait to be able to talk about it, and in due time, maybe even laugh a little.

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