Kidding Around


Kidding Around: Connecting kids to happiness, laughter and humour Paperback – January 8, 2013 by Sue Stephenson (Author)

An activity-based book for teachers, parents, grandparents and other care providers to use with kids- and even for themselves! Over 40 activities in 200 pages about: – The happiness movement and positive psychology – Turning frowns upside down when kids don’t feel so happy – Contagious giggles and laughter exercises – Writing and performing comedy that tickles their funny bones – Teasing that becomes bullying when humour isn’t fun …..

About the Author

Sue Stephenson loved going to school so much (no kidding around) that she became a Family Studies teacher, then an educational consultant and then a principal – always passionate about universal success for all kids. Her keynotes and workshops on wellness, laughter, teamwork and trust are warmly welcomed by a wide variety of audiences in corporate, community and educational settings where she cleverly combines laughing with leaning – a foolproof recipe for a classroom or a bored room. She’s not joking when she says we all need to lighten up, laugh more and look on the bright side of life. Sue is a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour – or “certifiable” as her husband Tom says.

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So Worth It! Practical and Joyous

ByDebbieaxiakon August 14, 2013

Format: Paperback

I’ve spent the last few days happily immersed in Sue Stephenson’s book Kidding Around: Connecting Kids to Happiness, Laughter and Humour. Before reading this book I would have said `of course happiness is important’ and `of course laughter makes people feel better’, but the book took me on a delightful journey and answered WHY this is true and HOW we can get more in our lives.

Yesterday morning, my son called groggily from his bedroom “Are you ok Mom?” He thought there was something wrong with me; I was laughing so hard while watching one of the videos mentioned in the book that I had woken him up. I was laughing so hard that I could barely answer his question. For several hours after, I had random bursts of laughter that felt silly and wonderful.

The book contains humour and research-based evidence that explain why happiness, laughter and humour are important AND contains activities that will help you incorporate more happiness and laughter into your own life and into the lives of your family, friends and students.

In addition, Stephenson includes lists of resources such as books, apps, dvds and games as well as websites, like the one that made me laugh so hard. This book won’t make it onto my book shelf; it will stay on my desk so that I can refer to it often.

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