Isu dalam Kartun

isu vol 1

Isu Dalam Kartun Vol 1
by Zunar

Kartunis terkenal tanahair, Zunar telah melancarkan majalah terbarunya ‘Isu Dalam Kartun’. Majalah yang memaparkan pelbagai kisah politik tanah air boleh didapati di semua kedai buku berhampiran atau order secara online dengan harga RM10 di Semenanjung manakala RM12 untuk Sabah dan Sarawak.

zunar-Pak-Monggol-2Zunar was born on May 15, 1962 at Bukit Junun, Gurun, Kedah. He previously worked as a laboratory technician and during his pastime delved in drawing cartoons. He was also a secretary to the Association of Selangor and Federal Territory cartoonists. Quite often he held workshops for individuals wanting to venture into cartoon business.

Zunar often likes to bring along a pen and notebook inside his travel bag during his drawing excursions, from which he will record ideas from all walks of life and would translate them into caricatures or cartoons.

His favorite foods are seafood, ‘gulai ikan masin’ and warm water.
Career as a cartoonist

Zunar produced his first works as early as 1973 which were published in the magazine Bambino. Upon the encouragement of family and friends, his drawings were also published weekly in newspapers and magazines such as the Kisah Cinta magazine and issues of Gila-Gila, a publication by Creative Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

In Gila-Gila, from time to time his cartoons began attracting the attention of readers and publishers as well as due to their cynical and political nature. This gave him an advantage for his work to be published in issues of the Chili Padi magazine (part of the Gila-Gila magazine) under the title Gebang-Gebang.

Zunar then began producing work in a daily-news cartoon strip called Papa. Zunar’s name became well-known when he got himself involved in the Reformasi movement following the sacking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the then deputy prime minister in 1998. His involvement in the movement led to his detention along with several other activists.

After his release, he concentrated on political cartoons. He produced several books of cartoons touching on many reform movements that he had previously participated.
To date he continues to draw political cartoons, namely for politically-owned newspapers, including Harakah.

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