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Improv Leadership: A Comedian’s Guide to Effective Leadership in an Unscripted Workplace Paperback – April 1, 2017  by Andrew Bright (Author), Kimberlyn Bridges (Editor), & 1 more

Improv is amazing. There is no script and no director. You don’t hold a meeting before starting the scene or vote for the best idea before moving forward. You simply go, now. What’s key is understanding how to work as a team so you can succeed in the moment. Knowing when to lead and when to follow is crucial. Listening is essential. Trust and respect are paramount. Momentum is everything. Laugh and learn as you receive a backstage pass to how improv works, why improv works, and how you can apply the best improv practices to your own organization. You’ll find practical tools that will show you how to care for your team, lead them well, and accomplish great things together. Learn to lead in unknown territory. Understand what your team needs to perform with excellence. Become a leader whom others want to follow. Let’s Go!

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As owner and actor with The Panic Squad Improv Comedy, Andrew Bright has performed professional improv comedy across the United States and Canada for 20 years for diverse events ranging from local churches and businesses to national conferences and top Fortune 500 corporations. Understanding how to lead and function within a team is essential to succeeding in improv. From his combined passion for improv comedy and leadership, Andrew created a number of professional development workshops that use improv comedy to teach key elements of teamwork and leadership. His workshops have been creating change and helping organizations across North America move forward and lead well.

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