“…While humor may seem totally frivolous in the context of a global pandemic and other things that going on in the world right now, it actually in this moment of gravity and disconnection when levity can be so powerful!”
– Naomi Bagdonas, lecturer of Stanford Graduate School of Business & co-author “Humor, Seriously

We are going to tell you an unfunny fact about humor.

In fact, we have been underestimating humor’s power for our work. Because humor actually can help boosting our creativity and productivity, maintaining good relationship among the colleagues, and even driving profit.

Sadly, in the workplace nowadays, humor has faded because it tends to initiate harassment. While the others have no audacity at all to practice humor at work (Morrison, 2012)

So, why don’t we just establish the new HRD a.k.a. Humor Resources Department to take humor at work seriously!

To promote this extraordinary idea, we collaborate with professor and lecturer of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Dr. Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas, who have been witnessing how humor helps many established corporate and coaching the executive of Fortune 100 companies.

Their research and experience are poured into their newest book: “Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life” – which also have been a national bestseller on USA and chosen as the number one business book recommendation by Financial Times.

Sooo… what is this Humor Resources Department about?

It is actually an online event that is only happening once in Indonesia, organized by Institut Humor Indonesia Kini (IHIK3), with intriguing add-ons!

  • Firstly, you can interact directly to Aaker & Bagdonas on their 30 minutes live session;
  • Then, you may join the “Humor at Work” online workshop by IHIK3 shortly after;
  • Also you will get their newest book “Humor, Seriously” on hardcover and ebook edition;
  • You may also join their WhatsApp Bootcamp for 21 days to deeply understand their material on applying humor to your life better;
  • Lastly, need to practice the theory you got? Here goes the interactive workbook too for you!

The online event will be held on April 8th 2021, on 09.00 – 12.30 AM (Jakarta Time / GMT+7). The book and the add-ons will be sent to you once you completed the registration.

Register now to have the 40% discount! From Rp1.000.000 to Rp600.000 only per pax!

Enroll yourself and your company to or text IHIK3 on 0815-7491-4554 for further assistance.

You may also apply for the scholarship and get the same benefits for free here

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