Fun Is Good


Fun Is Good: How to Create Joy and Passion in Your Workplace and Career Paperback – 8 Jun 2012
by Mike Veeck (Author), Pete Williams (Author)

Maverick marketing whiz Mike Veeck is ready to share his simple, fail-proof formula for business success: Make work fun and you’ll create a culture of creativity that attracts the best employees and encourages customers to spend their money.
Veeck stresses the need to reexamine the way business is conducted, from employer-employee relationships to customer service.
The Fun Is Good philosophy has worked to make enjoyable evenings for all at Veeck’s ballparks but has also transformed a half-dozen struggling or start-up teams into a thriving $25 million business.
Peppered with firsthand accounts from businesspeople who have benefited from Veeck’s philosophy, Fun Is Good is an innovative, off-the-beaten-track approach to getting the most out of your work life, in and outside the office.

Product details
Paperback: 290 pages
Publisher: Advantage Media Group (8 Jun. 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599323346
ISBN-13: 978-1599323343
Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.5 x 22.9 cm
Average Customer Review: 1.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

” I’m excited that Mike is sharing his Fun Is Good philosophies because they’ve worked for us. Whether it’s delivering superior customer service, not taking yourself too seriously, or having fun in the office, it’s vital to the success of your company.”
–Ed Droste, Cofounder, Hooters Restaurants

” The magic of minor league baseball is that it makes you remember the game the way you saw it as a child. I didn’t get into minor league baseball to make money and didn’t believe it was possible to do so until I met Mike Veeck. He’s a genius, and he knows that good business is all about fun. That fun should be the driving force behind most any decision.”
–Bill Murray

” Nobody makes money when you’re just selling a commodity. You have to make it bigger than it is, whether it’s selling furniture or turning a baseball game into this incredible, fun experience like Mike Veeck does. You’ve got to enhance the experience, and the best way to do it is by making things fun.”
–Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale, CEO, Gallery Furniture

About the Author
Mike Veeck is president and part owner of six wildly successful minor league baseball teams. Son of the late Hall of Fame baseball owner Bill Veeck, he has followed his father’s lead, with innovative promotions that have captured national attention. He lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
Pete Williams writes about business, fitness, and sports. He is a contributing writer to Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal and is coauthor (with Mark Verstegen) of Rodale’s Core Performance series of fitness books. He lives in Safety Harbor, Florida.

240 Pages of Dangerous Drivel
By G. A. Jackson on 5 Oct. 2011
Format: Hardcover

Fun might be good but this book certainly isn’t. I found it one of the most mind-numbing reading experiences I’ve ever had. It was a true challenge to get all the way through 240 pages of dangerous drivel. If you’re thinking of buying it as a guide to creating ‘joy and passion in your workplace and career’, then don’t. The book drifts from ‘idea’ to ‘idea’ with no coherent theme and is littered with sweeping generalisations and homespun philosophies. It contains statements like; ‘being fired is actually a favor’ and, ‘Let kids come to work for the day…you might violate some labor laws, but who cares?’ With this sort of advice, no wonder American businesses are in such dire straits. On top of this, the author seems to keep forgetting what the book is about, so we have a chapter about his dad and then one about his daughter. At various points, he’ll suddenly remember his (supposed) theme and he’ll drop the ‘Fun is Good’ phrase into a paragraph. He certainly must have had some kids in the creative department when that slogan was dreamt up; it sounds like something a 5
year-old would say. In his defence, at least he hasn’t trade-marked the phrase…yet! Perhaps not being American, I don’t get Mr. Veeck but I strongly recommend that you don’t get this book. I gave it one star because there wasn’t a no star option but that’s what it deserves.

Wonderful Book, and Fun To Read 31 Aug. 2016
By Florida Bob – Published on
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful book. You will find out about Mike Veeck and his baseball hall-of-fame father, Bill Veeck, and how they changed the game of baseball (for the better). Every person who is interested in making workplaces fun should read this book. Highly recommended.

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