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French Humor: From the Mind of Hugo Gernsback Paperback – October 21, 2014 by Larry Steckler (Author), Hugo Gernsback (Creator)

Popular weekly magazine of the late 20’s. Selected samples of humor, education, contests, and more. Ten fun packed chapters. The Covers – a sampling of front covers — each one its own little joke; The Magazine — Samples of pages with cartoons, jokes and more. Cookoo-Nuts — can you figure out what the clues represent? Phoney Patents — some have come to be, some are silly, all are fun. Advertwisters — Take a couple of phrases from different ads, Put them together, result is fun. Show Me – Write a short story using the titles of current movies and plays. They did it then. Now you try it today. News Blunder — yes they made misteakes in 1927, and here are some of them. they are as funny today as they were then. Namystics — Turn your name or some famous personalities name into a design. This may be an old way of creating your own new family symbol. It’s easy. Just take a black pen or pencil, and connect the letters. Ok, you can use any color you wish. Radiocrostics — You start with the call letters of a radio station (there was no television until Hugo Gernsback started broadcasting in New York in 1929)> It’s ok to use either a radio station call sign or a TV station call sign. How inventive can you be? Last but not least is a short chapter of the Advertising — the ads were pretty limited. Most were for other publications issued by Hugo’s Experimenter Publishing Company. We expect you to enjoy this taste of yesterday. It is so old that it probably outdates most of us. But if you’ve been collecting social security for some time now, this book should take you back to long ago and far away. We think that you will smile your way all the way through to page 181 and we did not count the covers.

About the Author

Hugo Gernsback, known as the Father of Science Fiction, built a publishing company here in the United States starting in the early 1900’s. His titles spanned the world of Science Fiction, Electronics, Sex, Humor and more. A prolific inventor, there are some 35 known patents that were issued in his name. Any internet search for his name will give you thousands of sources to pursue for more information. French Humor, was a funzine. Yes, it earned a profit, but it was also a fun project, as were his many unique Christmas Booklets — some of which you can find on Amazon and Create Space –with more still to come.

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