Foolosophy: Humor Is the Key to a Healthy Mind Paperback – September 11, 2007 by Darrell Ruocco (Author)

If you can develop your sense of humor and learn to laugh at yourself daily, I guarantee you will feel like the most successful person on Earth. The only problem with this advice is it is coming to you from the biggest fool/failure that ever lived. In my mind, it only proves how effective humor and laughing at oneself can be to overcome everything in life, even our own thoughts and feeling of being worthless. It is the beautiful expression coined on Saturday Night Live (SNL), ‘I’m not worthy…’ In foolosophy, everyone is worthy of being laughed at with the proper love and intention.”

The book is a compilation of stories and essays written and told through Darrell Ruocco’s voice about the importance of keeping humor in mind at all times. ‘ Does My Smile Confuse You?’ explains humor so that the reader can go out in the streets and develop their own sense of it based on what they see.

The goal for the book is to raise people’s awareness of the importance of humor. With humor in mind, all negatives become positives. Hopefully, the book will be the beginning of a movement in the right direction…

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover
“Will Rogers, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Deepak Chopra. Darrell Ruocco is taller than all of them.”
Ray Abruzzo AKA Little Carmine Lupertazzi, THE SOPRANOS

“Darryl totally gets it: not only is laughter the best medicine, it leaves you with the most flattering wrinkles.”
Wendie Malick, Actress/Activist

“In my toughest of competitions when things weren’t going the best for me, all I needed to do was think of Ruocco and Foolosophy and all the pressure would disappear. This is when that mysterious smile would grace my face and confuse my opponents. This guaranteed me many a victory.” Sinjin Smith, Olympian and World Champion

“Just the word ‘Foolosophy’ makes me laugh, and I agree with Darrell that humor is the spirits best friend!” Liz Masakayan, Indoor Volleyball Olympian and Beach Volleyball World Champion

“‘Foolosophy’ is music playing in my head that feeds me on many levels. Reading this book will help feed what’s in your head!” Frank Stallone, Singer-Songwriter, Actor

About the Author
Darrell Ruocco, the author decided that his bio is best described through the eyes of others. Here is a list of people’s perceptions of me, identities attached to me, and some of the roles I have played on the human stage:

Giant Fool, fat kid, shy kid, star athlete, dumb jock, dumbest kid in school, older brother, son of great parents, son of a bitch, son of a barber, the stud, the dud, the beach bum, a nobody, a somebody, the clown, the trickster, the jester, the charmer, obnoxious guy, rude guy, an elitist, a republican, a democrat, a libertarian, mafia guy, an intellectual, a womanizer, drug attic, drug dealer, landlord, a legend, a bullshitter, liar, social butterfly, pimp, matchmaker, generous man, cheap guy, consummate actor, Confucius, confused, healer, sage, worst friend, best friend, bus boy, waiter, motorcycle salesman, car salesman, restaurant owner, laziest man on earth, mama’s boy, fag, great lover, lousy lay, ripped guy, steroid guy, Socrates, Peter Pan, and my personal favorite, an alien – not from another country, not from another planet, but from another galaxy (and they were not kidding).

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Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: Happy About (September 11, 2007)
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Surprisingly beneficial. Ranks with the finest humor coaching books.
By marottad on October 23, 2015
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This book seems to be arrogantly vain, yet it isn’t. It may described as an insider’s book of humor, yet I believe anyone with a great sense of humor will find more than delightful and providing ways to reset your life lightheartedly. That good.

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