Cartoons on Tun Others


Cartoons on Tun and Others
by Zunar

About This Book
Zunar’s notably controversial political cartoons feature in Malaysian newspapers and on Here is a selection, which feature aspects of Malaysia’s leadership and the personalities and interaction of its two most recent Prime Ministers.

This is a collection of comics illustrated  by one of Malaysia’s most renowned  political comic artist.All of the works by Zunar from circa 1999 till the most recent appearances are compiled in this humorous yet never lacking the venom  in  the artist’s attack on the powers that be. A must have for those inspired to rise against the tide by whatever means, even with the help of a lonely pencil.

ISBN:  983-40922-2-9
Author: Zunar
Publisher: kinibooks
Year: 2006
Number of page: 144
Delivery: ext day shipping
Price:  RM29.00

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