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MAD’s Greatest Artists: The Completely MAD Don Martin

9781615573332    $150, now $24.98 (cheap!)
(No link.  After three years, the stock has sold out at the website.)

Call your local Barnes & Noble store.  Have them check this EXACT ISBN.  (It’s a special bargain ISBN.)

Have them click “nearby stores” if they do not have a copy.

If none of those nearby stores have copies, then have them click “search more stores” from that list.

Have that store give you phone numbers of at least five other stores which may have copies.  Call each until you find a store with a copy in decent condition.

Tell the bookseller that you wish to have the book shipped.  They will take your shipping and payment information, and process the order later that day.  Shipping will cost $3.99.

1st printing. Foreword by Gary Larson. An Eisner Award-nominee! The first in “MAD’s Greatest Artists” Series, this deluxe, two-volume, slipcased special edition includes every single work of Don Martin published in MAD Magazine (1957 to 1987), including a selection of his original sketches and notes, and rare photographs, plus commentary from dozens of his MAD colleagues and other famous fans like Jim Davis and Steven Spielberg. Hardcover (2 Volumes with Slipcase), 10-in. x 13-in., 1,200 pages (Total), full color. Cover price $150.00.

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