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A Good Bullet
Comedy, Violence and All the Terrible Things That Make Us Laugh
By Freddy Syborn

From the co-writer of the record-breaking BBC3 sitcom, Bad Education. Doctor, doctor, what do you call a book about comedy that tries to be funny, argumentative, wide-ranging, silly, weirdly personal and fairly well-researched?’ Doomed to failure.’ Bullets are violent. Jokes are violent. Can either be used for good? What is good’? A Good Bullet will make next to no effort to answer the last question because it’s too hard. But it will have a crack at asking why and how jokes commit violence. Why and how they amuse us with things that otherwise cause us anxiety and pain. Why and how sex, war, history, death, insecurity, hatred and loss all the good stuff make people laugh. Illustrations by Jack Whitehall.

Publisher Short Books
Publication date 1st August 2013
ISBN 978-1-78072-170-5
Length 208 pages

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