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Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion

Praise for Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion

“Ramirez lances the Left with the best weapon of all. Humor. As Ronald Reagan said, ‘Just laugh at them.’ Mike is second only to me in showing how it’s done.”‘
—Rush Limbaugh, radio host

“Michael Ramirez says more in one cartoon than most talking heads say in a full day. Plus, Ramirez is hilarious.”
—Bill O’Reilly, anchor, Fox News Channel

“The quickest way to end all debate with liberals is to pull out a cartoon by Michael Ramirez. Michael has an uncanny ability to cut through all the spin and expose the truth in a single, often hilarious, picture.”
—Sean Hannity, anchor, Fox News Channel

“In today’s political environment where liberals hide behind the label of ‘progressive’ and moderates pose as ‘conservatives,’ Michael Ramirez strips them of their disguises. His powerful points of view are conveyed in an incomparable illustrative style. No other editorial cartoonist today can match the majesty and wit of Michael Ramirez’s cartoons. With his razor-sharp eye and potent pen, Ramirez takes no prisoners. Liberals, bureaucrats, and imposters beware.”
—Ann Coulter, six-time New York Times bestselling author

“As a columnist who works with words, I strongly reject the familiar axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless, of course, they are the marvelous pictures that Michael Ramirez draws. They are sometimes worth a thousand columns. And—this really is unfair—he gets to add his always well-chosen words to his pictures. See, for example, page 26, where a public school official lays down the law to a clergyman: ‘You can’t say prayers during graduation ceremonies. But if you print them on condoms, we would be happy to distribute them.’ What fun.”
—George F. Will, nationally syndicated columnist

“Editorial cartoonists are able to convey in a simple, yet vivid and powerful message what the columnist often needs 1,000 words to do. The best cartoons—funny or sobering and serious—are like an unexpected punch to the gut. The brilliance of a great editorial cartoon is its simplicity in carrying great substance. If editorial cartooning were baseball, Michael Ramirez would be Babe Ruth. If you like really cutting-edge political humor and want to laugh and cry at the foibles of America’s political figures, this book is for you.”
—Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, 1996?2007, GOP Presidential Candidate 2008

“I’m a longtime Investor’s Business Daily reader, so I know and appreciate Michael’s work firsthand. While some editorial cartoonists focus on the punch line and forget the point, Michael seamlessly mixes humor with hard-hitting journalism. His two Pulitzers are well deserved.”
—Larry Kudlow, host, CNBC’s Kudlow & Company

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