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Close to Home Uncut: A Close to Home Collection
by John McPherson
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 18 Des 2012 – 144 halaman

Only in the world of Close to Home can you find hospitals staffed with hypochondriac-sniffing dogs, Yellowstone employees who secretly spike Old Faithful with gallons of Mr. Bubble, and telephones equipped with Caller I.Q. Of course, for the creator of the screamingly successful Close to Home, it’s just another no-holds-barred day at the drawing board.

Specializing in humor in everyday situations, John McPherson lampoons the worlds of parenting, marriage, school, health care, work, and leisure in ways that get readers to laugh at themselves.

Informasi bibliografi
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Judul    Close to Home Uncut: A Close to Home Collection
Penulis    John McPherson
Penerbit    Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2012
ISBN    0740792717, 9780740792717
Tebal    144 halaman

Tentang penulis (2012)
John McPherson hails from Painted Post, New York. He holds mechanical engineering and English degrees from Bucknell University and began drawing Close to Home in 1992. He currently resides in upstate New York with his two sons.
Online: www.gocomics.com/closetohome/

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