Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (144)


Humour and Social Protest
Dennis Bos, Universiteit Leiden
Marjolein t’Hart, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Combining developments in the field of social movement theory regarding framing, collective identity, and emotions with insights from humourology, the seventeen essays in this book show the power of humour in framing social and political protest across a wide range of historical and spatial settings. The authors explore under what conditions laughter can serve the cause of the protesters; how humour has strengthened social protest; to what degree humour has been an effective tool for contentious social movements; and how humour can further the development of the collective identity of a social movement. The essays deal with a broad variety of historical and spatial settings, in quite different political structures, from open democratic societies to harsh repressive regimes, from the Zapatistas in Mexico to Vietnamese garment workers, from sixteenth-century Augsburg to Madrid and Stockholm in the 1990s.

An interdisciplinary collection of studies that covers a broad range of highly variegated historical examples of protest (youth, gender, civil rights and ethnic movements) and the role of humour therein
A wide range of transnational articles covering periods from the 1500s to the 1990s with the purpose of encouraging readers to rethink the role of humour in politics, group formation, communication and the media
An introduction to the state of current research regarding the relationship between humour and social protest within the context of recent findings in the field of social movement theory and humourology

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