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Born Standing Up
by Steve Martin

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Steve Martin: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Born Standing Up
I was recently passed this book by a fellow blogger after he had read my thoughts about Steve Jobs’s book and how it impacted me and I love what I have read (so far) from Steve Martin’s book, Born Standing Up.

The reason is simple: Martin credits a lot of his success from his focus and ability not to “wander” – in other words, he didn’t want to dilute his efforts in so many other projects as to make outstanding outside of his capacity and reach.

Sure, it can be tough to be creative and tough to find just one single point of focus for all of our creativity but Steve Martin seems to have found it. Have you? If not then perhaps you have to keep looking!

But that’s not all that got me going in his book. He also describes not only his method of working but also his process of innovation, creativity, and how he ultimately found success.

It was this phrase that caught my attention big time:

Be so good they can’t ignore you.
I love this and I think we can apply it aptly into our blogging efforts. You see, I think most of us try to follow other people’s examples and try to be like other bloggers as we find our “place” among the greats.

This is fine, for a time, as you’re learning from them and imitating their efforts but unless you provide your unique style, attitude, and perspective you’ll never jump out from underneath them.

Be the best that you can be in only the ways that you can – you see, it’s easy to ignore a copycat but nearly impossible to ignore an original. Start today – there’s no need to wait.

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