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Giles, Thirty Second Series
Carl Giles

One of the enjoyments of purchasing the Giles ‘Series’ cartoon annuals was the front and back covers of the book.

As the cartoons were printed each day in the Daily and Sunday Express newspaper, they were only seen in black and white. This was the same case for the yearly collection that were sold as editions.

The front and back covers were different. They were full of colour and humor and were a dynamic and pleasant change from the monotone black and white images that were shown inside the book.

What was also enjoyable was the two covers were two parts of a story. The image on the front of the book continued on to the back. This makes it important to note that you will need to view both front and back covers to appreciate the whole effect of that particular edition.

Although I have been collecting the Giles books for many years I as yet do not have the entire collection (Cost is the reason) But the ones I do own are all here for you to look over.

The collection begins with number 7 which shows image covers from the year 1953. You will see a change over the years as social trends change and fashions come and go.

The ‘Giles Family’ who feature heavily in his cartoons are evident very much in most of the covers.Please forgive the condition of some of the earlier ones as they are nearly fifty years old and time has not been kind to them.

Also, some of the more recent editions have a nasty bar code stamped on the back that really does nothing but spoil the image. In both cases I intend to restore these covers by use of my imaging software(See FAQ page).

To show you how to fool the viewer in to thinking nothing has been modified, please see before and After images I have Played around with. The work I carried out was just an experiment and you may be able spot some differences but it is a skill that is very difficult to master and very time consuming.

For this reason I am going to leave the restoration program aside for the time being until I have more time to work on the effected editions. In the mean time, enjoy the bright and colourful front and back covers you see before you.

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