Black and White II: Editorial Cartoons

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Black and White World II: Editorial Cartoons By Cox & Forkum
by John Cox, Charles Johnson (Commentaries by), Allen Forkum, Felix Grabowski (Commentaries by), Robert W. Tracinski (Commentaries by)

I’ve been a fan of the Cox & Forkum website for about a year now and this book is a great compilation of their work. I may not always agree with the message in their cartoons but they always make me think.

The best political cartoon book to date.
If I had to pick a favorite artist for the Art of Political cartooning.It’s John Cox. Couple that with the genious wit of Allen Forkum and you have the best Political catooning tag team in the world.Black and White 2 is packed with loads of funny Political cartoons and the art is simply beyond the reach of many of todays Political cartoon elite.Not only are they funny but the work will not lose its meaning over the years.The international and American Political knowledge is evident.Whats most important is that this work is timely,upto date and its creators dont live in the past nor try to score points for any one Political agenda.Outstanding work!

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780972456913
Publisher: Cox & Forkum
Publication date: 11/28/2004
Pages: 249
Product dimensions: 8.22 (w) x 11.06 (h) x 0.57 (d)

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