Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, 2004

Best 2004

Best Editorial Cartoons 2004
by Charles Brooks (Editor)

Every year since 1972, Pelican has presented this diverse compilation of the most outstanding editorial cartoons from publications across the country. Selected for the clarity of their position as well as for their exceptional execution, this collection includes the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning artists, the year’s major award-winning cartoons, and the best work from Canadian cartoonists. This year’s edition, covering the events of 2003, features cartoonists’ commentaries on all the major news events of the year: war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein, the worldwide struggle to combat terrorism, the blackout of 2003, the Democrats jockeying for position in the 2004 election, and an economy that continues to sputter. There are also sections devoted to some of the issues we as a nation encounter year in and year out: crime, education, sports, and the environment. Together, whether individual cartoons stand as a biting retort or to rouse support, these assembled cartoons present a view of 2003 that is incisive, memorable, and, more often than not, humorous.

Paperback, 208 pages
Published February 1st 2004 by Pelican Publishing Company
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Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2004 (Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year)
1589802004 (ISBN13: 9781589802001)
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