Attack of the Political Cartoonists


Attack of the Political Cartoonists


During his career in publishing, JP Trostle has been an art director, illustrator, graphic designer, writer, editor and — last but not least — cartoonist. He is the editorial designer at Indy Week, the alt weekly for the Durham/Raleigh region. In the past, he has been editorial cartoonist for several dailies, including The Patriot-News and The Chapel Hill Herald.

His cartoons have appeared in “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year,” and are part of the permanent collection of the State Museum of Pennsylvania. His design work and illustrations have won multiple awards from both the Pennsylvania and North Carolina Press Associations.

He is the previous editor of the Notebook, the quarterly magazine of the AAEC (That’s his “you blew your deadline” look to the left.). He has designed and edited a dozen books on a variety of subjects, including “Attack of the Political Cartoonists”, and all three Attitude books with Ted Rall: “Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists”, “Attitude2: The New Subversive Alternative Cartoonists”, and “Attitude3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists.”

For most of his career, JP has signed his cartoons under the pen name “Jape,” a nickname he’s had since he was about 6 — the same age, coincidentally, at which he decided he wanted to be a cartoonist. It was only later he discovered it was, like, a real word.

You can imagine his disappointment the first time he googled his pen name and discovered it wasn’t as unique as he once thought: in addition to being the nickname of dead rock legend J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson, Jape shares the title with TWO rock bands, a mathematical software program, the Journal of Australian Political Economy, and — his favorite — an S&M club in Florida.

JP lives in Durham, NC, with his wife Maura McLaughlin and a cat named Genghis Khan.

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