Astra Motor-SECAC Showcasing Champion Cartoon

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Astra Motor-SECAC Showcasing Champion Cartoon and 255 Selected Works in Sri Ratu, Semarang, Indonesia

The work of the winners of Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017 was exhibited in Pasaraya Sri Ratu Semarang. The exhibition last for five days, starting May 11-15, 2017. This exhibition is the top agenda of cartoon competition Astra Motor cooperation with Semarang Cartoon Club (SECAC).

In addition to the winning work, the committee also display 255 works of choice. “There are 255 selected cartoons that we show off,” Commissioner of the contest, Darminto M Sudarmo said.

He said the jury had set the winner of the race on 25 April 2017 ago. Indonesian cartoonist from Yogyakarta, Ashady became the winner with the title of “1st Prize”. The title “2nd Prize” was achieved by Sun Shen Ying (China) and “3th Prize” held by Supriatin (Indonesia).

In addition to the three main winners, the jury also established five “Citation Prizes”, namely Wahyu Kokkang (Indonesia), Luis Eduardo Leon (Colombia), M Syaifuddin Ifoed (Indonesia), Alexander Dubovsky (Ukraine), and Marian Avramescu (Romania). The committee also awarded “SECAC Special Prize” to Horia Crisan & Bogdan Petry (Romania).

The jury of Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest, Jitet Koestana revealed, the work on display has been through a fairly tight selection. Besides himself, there are other juries involved in the selection of works. They are Pramono R Pramoedjo (senior cartoonist), Prof. Totok Roesmanto (Professor of Diponegoro University), Mas Dian (painter and Feng Shui expert), and Darminto M Sudamo (observer of humor). Selection was held in early April 2017. (Arif Srabilor)

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Cartoonists, winner of Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017 and invited guests were present at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

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