Humor at Work

Managing With Humor

Buku ini fokus pada bidang studi yang muncul dalam manajemen: humor manajerial dan dampaknya kepada karyawan. Bagi para manajer yang sedang menghadapi masalah ditinggal olah orang-orang terbaik di organisasinya, buku ini sangat cocok karena isinya mengeksplorasi bagaimana manajer dapat menggunakan humor untuk secara positif mempengaruhi keadaan emosi jangka pendek karyawan

Not All Claps and Cheers

Not All Claps and Cheers: Humor in Business and Society Relationships e-Book by Francois Maon (Editor),‎ Adam Lindgreen (Editor),‎ Joelle Vanhamme (Editor),‎ Robert J. Angell (Editor),‎ Juliet Memery(Editor) Description Scholars from various disciplines have studied humor since antiquity. Yet, over the centuries, these researchers have also struggled to conceptualize a

the HeART of HUMOR

the HeART of HUMOR: Tales & techniques for a creatively funnier you at home & at work! (Volume 2) Paperback – September 21, 2016  by Raju Mandhyan (Author) Tales and Techniques for a Creatively Funnier you at Home and at Work. Powerful and profound insights into what exactly humor is

Humour at Workplace

Humour at Workplace Paperback – April 1, 2017 by Marco Sampietro (Author) It has been calculated that, on average, we spend 115 days of our life laughing. Work is another important component of our lives. On average, Indians sleep for 528 minutes per night and work for 486 minutes per

Lighten Up

Lighten Up: Survival Skills For People Under Pressure (A William Patrick Book) Hardcover – Import, 20 May 1992 by C. W. Metcalf (Author), Roma Felible (Author) A guide to becoming more productive, resilient, and stress-free through laughter presents specific skills and proven techniques to develop and maintain a healthy sense

Leave a Mark, Not a Stain!

Leave a Mark, Not a Stain! What every manager needs to know about using humor in the workplace Paperback – 9 Dec 2005 by Ph.D. Patt Schwab (Author) A sense of humor is one of the top 10 traits of successful CEOs, and it’s often listed as one of the

The Fun Factor

The Fun Factor: Your Prescription for Stress Relief at Work and at Home Paperback – August 1, 2005 by Cheryl Nason (Author) According to Fred Pescatore, M. D. The Fun Factor is the magic bullet helping to heal America!