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The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons

August 19th, 2018|Editorial Cartoon, References|

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons: A Semi-serious A-to-Z Archive  by Bob Mankoff (Editor), David Remnick (Foreword) This monumental, two-volume, slip-cased collection includes nearly 10 decades worth of New Yorker cartoons selected and organized by subject with insightful commentary by Bob Mankoff and a foreword by David Remnick. […]

Presiden Humoris, Tabu?

May 27th, 2018|Artikel, Public Speaking|

Presiden Humoris, Tabu? “People buy from people they like, and people like humor.” – Segel & LaCroix Di Indonesia, paradigma bahwa seorang pemimpin harus tegas dan selalu serius masih banyak penganutnya. Tak sedikit yang berpendapat kalau persona humoris orang nomor satu di negara ini ditonjolkan, bukannya diapresiasi, [...]

Melucu di Udara

May 19th, 2018|Artikel, Public Speaking, Stand Up Comedy|

Melucu di Udara “… people will give more minutes of attention to something they find entertaining and amusing than they will to anything serious.” – Dan Kennedy Belum lama ini, telah viral kisah pengalaman seorang penumpang Citilink yang mendengar secara langsung bagaimana awak pesawat yang menemaninya terbang melucu di udara. Warganet merespons, [...]

Satir untuk Skandal Kebocoran Data Facebook

April 20th, 2018|Artikel, Satire|

Satir untuk Skandal Kebocoran Data Facebook “Seems like the only way you can defend your privacy is to be off the grid. That’s why I’m launching my new service: Amsihbook. Everything about Facebook, except the electricity.” – Stephen Colbert (dari monolognya di The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2018, episode 522, 30 [...]

Humor at Work in Teams, Leadership, Negotiations, Learning and Health

April 6th, 2018|Health, Humor at Work|

Humor at Work in Teams, Leadership, Negotiations, Learning and Health (SpringerBriefs in Psychology) Paperback – September 7, 2017 by Tabea Scheel (Author),‎ Christine Gockel (Author) This book provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art on the adaptive and maladaptive functions of humor. Humor is inescapable in our daily interactions – also at [...]

Joke-Performance in Africa

April 2nd, 2018|Jokes|

Joke-Performance in Africa: Mode, Media and Meaning (Routledge Contemporary Africa) 1st Edition, e-Book by Ignatius Chukwumah (Editor) Jokes have always been part of African culture, but never have they been so blended with the strains and gains of the contemporary African world as today. Joke-Performance in Africa describes and analyses the diverse [...]

Humor and Chinese Culture

April 2nd, 2018|Psychology|

Humor and Chinese Culture: A Psychological Perspective (Routledge Studies in Asian Behavioural Sciences) e-Book by Xiaodong Yue(Author) This book addresses psychological studies of humour in Chinese societies. It starts by reviewing how the concept of humour evolves in Chinese history, and how it is perceived by Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism respectively. It [...]

Not All Claps and Cheers

April 2nd, 2018|Humor at Work|

Not All Claps and Cheers: Humor in Business and Society Relationships e-Book by Francois Maon (Editor),‎ Adam Lindgreen (Editor),‎ Joelle Vanhamme (Editor),‎ Robert J. Angell (Editor),‎ Juliet Memery(Editor) Description Scholars from various disciplines have studied humor since antiquity. Yet, over the centuries, these researchers have also struggled to conceptualize a viable, well-accepted [...]

I’m So Full of Happy Today

February 24th, 2018|Woman & Children|

I’m So Full of Happy Today: The Hygge Wisdom of Children Paperback – May 16, 2017 by Martin Andersen (Author),‎ Moira Tuffy (Author) The funny things kids say or the hygge wisdom of children Is there anything more likely to make you laugh and put a smile on your face than the [...]

Zen Pencils–Creative Struggle

February 23rd, 2018|Gag Cartoon|

Zen Pencils–Creative Struggle: Illustrated Advice from Masters of Creativity Paperback – January 16, 2018 by Gavin Aung Than (Author) Gavin Aung Than, creator of the innovative Zen Pencils, shares his passion for creativity and reveals how you, too, can live a creative life. […]