Your Mind is a Funny Thing

///Your Mind is a Funny Thing

Your Mind is a Funny Thing

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Your Mind is a Funny Thing Paperback – December 6, 2014  by Dave Gutteridge (Author)

An improv comedian all his life, and a standup comedian for over 15 years, Dave Gutteridge combines his comedy experience with the latest scientific research on humour and the human brain to offer his take on what exactly it is that makes us laugh. Whether you’re trying to get a little funnier, on stage or in daily life, or if you’re just curious about humour and laughter, which are universal human traits that have so far remained unexplained, this book will provide insights not only on how and why we laugh, but on how we relate. Written to be accessible by comedians and audiences alike, this book is for anyone who likes to laugh. Which is everyone, isn’t it?

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why things are funny, and how comedy works

ByWayde Comptonon December 30, 2014

Format: Paperback

Fascinating mix of science, memoir, and analysis of the ineffable: what humour is, why things are funny, and how comedy works.


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