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Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff

Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff (DVD)
Director: Ryan Polito
Starring: Amy Schumer
Runtime: 1 hour, 0 minutes

Nothing is off limits for Amy Schumer in her first original one-hour stand-up special. Schumer airs every hilarious, messed-up detail of her dating and sex life, from encounters with unexpected body parts to hate-filled personal grooming appointments.

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Genres Comedy
Director Ryan Polito
Starring Amy Schumer
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
Captions and subtitles     English Details
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

My Septugenarian Bestie Adores This Ish
By Amanda P. Brown on December 15, 2014
Format: DVD Verified Purchase

I am 34. I bought this for my 78 year old friend, Pete. He is loud and gross and curses at the top of his lungs in supermarkets and stuff like that. His family won’t hang out with him anymore and he doesn’t have many friends because he is a tool. I met him years ago while I was working the front desk at a concert hall and he came in berating me because he didn’t like the band that was playing. I gave him a piece of my mind, which no one ever does because he is old and cranky, and he liked it and we became besties. We have talked on the phone every day for six years and he calls and asks me questions like, “what is an animated gif,” and, “do you think Jennifer Lawrence would ever date me?” One day he was flipping though the channels and found Amy Schumer on TV and instantly fell in love because she is the kind of gross he aspires to be. I found out that he was using his Netflix mail subscription to repeatedly order this DVD over and over and over again, thereby completely negating the purpose of the Netflix mail account, because he does not fully understand technology and has categorically rejected anything streaming because he cannot wrap his mind around it. So I bought this for him and he has watched it every day for a month and he still calls to play it for me over the phone even though I have seen it a million times. Five stars for making a cranky old man happy.

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