Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (370)

//Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (370)

Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (370)

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Top Selection: The Finest International Political Cartoons of Our Time Hardcover – October 1, 1992
by Joe Szabo (Editor)

Top Selection: The Finest International Political Cartoons of Our Time

Edited by Joe Szabo
Publisher: WittyWorld Books, a division of WittyWorld Publications
Publication date: 10/1/1992
ISBN: 0-9631600-1-X
Cover: Threadsewn case bound (hard cover: Saddam Hussein)
Dimensions: 8 3/4″ X 11 1/4″ Number of pages: 176 Price: $19.95

The first in a series, this book is a unique collection of the wittiest, most imaginative, and best drawn contemporary political cartoons that grace the pages of the international media today. Culled from a search of cartoons from 48 countries, the selected works represent a diversity and superior quality unmatched in political cartoon anthologies.
The perceptions of the featured eleven Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonists and their highly acclaimed international counterparts differ widely, and although some may be contrary to our own viewpoints, the genius of the works forcibly comes through allowing us to enjoy them anyway. These multiple talented visual journalists exhibit a remarkable ability to elevate even the layman reader to the heights of their philosophical sophistication and superb artistic talent.
It is seldom that the reader may get to see cartoons from countries as diverse as Bahrain, Russia, Israel, Sweden, Peru, China, France, or Australia; in fact, before “The Finest International Political Cartoons of our Time” there was no such book available offering a global wealth of visual satire

Product Details
Hardcover: 169 pages
Publisher: Wittyworld Books (October 1992)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 096316001X
ISBN-13: 978-0963160010
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.6 x 0.7 inches
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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