Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (336)

//Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (336)

Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (336)


The Editorial Cartoons of Cam [Winner of the Canadian National Newspaper Award for Cartooning] [Paperback]
Cameron Cardow (Author)

From the back: From the hilarious to the darkly comical, Cam’s editorial cartoons take aim at many of the issues in the news today: Meech Lake, the GST, developments in Europe, steroids, the revolution in China, Canada’s love affair with the NHL, and much more. Cam’s deft pen skillfully skewers politicians and eloquently illustrates the world’s current events. Cam is the pen name of Cameron Cardow, the editorial cartoonist at the Regina Leader Post. Cam recently won the Canadian National Newspaper Award for Cartooning, and his inimitable style will be familiar to anyone who reads a newspaper – his cartoons have appeared in almost all of the major daily papers in Canada. This is a collection of 90 of his best cartoons from the past year.

Product Details
Publisher: Fifth House Publishers (1990)
ISBN-10: 0920079717
ISBN-13: 978-0920079713

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