Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (77)

//Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (77)

Buku-buku Humor Koleksi Ihik (77)


The Everything Guide to Comedy Writing (eBook): From Stand-Up to Sketch – All You Need to Succeed in the World of Comedy
by Mike Bent

With this guide, aspiring comics will learn to navigate the complex world of comedy writing. Aspiring comics discover how to tap into their natural sense of humor through real-life examples and hands-on skill-building exercises. They’ll learn the best ways to come up with ideas and write comedy that gets laughs—every time! Mike Bent, an accomplished stand-up comedian and teacher, provides young comedians with the inside scoop on techniques to jump-start their comedy writing careers, including how to:
Develop comic characters for sketches and scenes
Create and polish a standup routine
Write for TV and movies
Use the web to advance comedy careersEveryone loves a comedian. But breaking into this tough field is no laughing matter. After sharpening their comedy-writing skills with this practical (and funny!) guide, comedians-to-be will feel comfortable adding humor to everyday situations, and may even take a chance on a dream job in show business!

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