Giles, 31 Series
by Carl Giles

Carl Giles Created a world of humor from the mid 1940’s to the end of the 1980’s. His attention to detail and ability to capture the topical mood of the day made it a joy to read his Daily and Sunday Express cartoons.I have been collecting the Giles cartoon annuals for 15 years now and thought it would be great to place some of his work on this site as an example of low key humor at its best

I have had to strike a balance between compressing the images so they download quickly with the fact that too much compacting of the image will spoil the art work.

For this reason I have chosen to allow larger image sizes than I would normally so you can enjoy as much of the original cartoons as possible. The size of each picture ranges from 29 KB to 104 KB. So please be patient find as each image well worth waiting for.

Giles -The Cartoons inside

Anyone who has used a Flat Bed Scanner will know
how difficult it is to scan the inside of a chunky
book. I found this problem very much in evidence
with the Giles books.

The covers were easy enough but the inside was
very difficult indeed. As I tried to think of a way
to get around this I discovered a Giles book I
had no idea I owned.

I had a compilation edition. After the Giles
cartoons stopped in 1991 yearly series of
the books were continued to be published
but with repeats of earlier years.